Using Social Media is Causing Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Social Media Anxiety, Stress and DepressionNowadays everybody is consuming social websites, from 13 to 93-year-olds. Nobody is immune. Here are a Few of the largest concerns researchers have discovered so far:

Time spent on social websites is linked with melancholy. Other studies have found that utilizing Facebook and Twitter helps pupils to be more concentrated and less stressed. We can debate the reasons why there’s a correlation, so it might be that individuals that are already sad are very likely to spend additional time on social networking. However, the significance remains troubling, particularly once you see a story like Madison’s.

Social networking is remarkably addictive. As soon as you get on Facebook, it is difficult to stop. Many Americans check it after a day, maybe several times. Likes and remarks can function as positive reinforcement, which makes it much more challenging to stop. Some researchers have produced a scale known as the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale to quantify this behavior.

It may make you unhappy, frustrated, and nervous. A research from the University of Michigan has found that individuals who use Facebook more, are more inclined to be miserable than those using it. Likewise, those enthusiastic users said that they were not as satisfied with their lives complete.

WATCH: Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now!

This might be because we frequently compare their actual lives to idealized versions of the buddies’ lives on the internet. People today post a good deal of grinning pictures rather than a lot of unhappy ones.

Exercise can also be a very useful remedy, especially exercise that takes you outdoors. Be sure to enjoy nature and see the sights. has some interesting articles on how technology can be used to alleviate stress.

Another study from the UK discovered that two-thirds of individuals finally have difficulty relaxing whenever they can not get their social networking accounts. This is particularly troubling since it implies a depression message that Facebook and Twitter are impacting people even if they are offline.

In the long run, there is no doubt there are a whole lot of advantages to social websites. You have to share joyful memories and stories and photos. You’ve got access to all sorts of recipes and information. It is actually wonderful. Ones that we’re all too eager to dismiss occasionally.

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